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Published: 06th December 2010
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Affordable Bungalows in Baroda

Baroda holds a significant position due to its glorious history. It is considered to be the hub of arts and culture in Gujarat. It has one of the top-class universities in the country; attracting students from all over India as well as from abroad. Baroda has also become the preferred destination for several manufacturing and chemical units; infrastructure, software and BPO industries.

The demand for accommodation at a budgeted price has led to construction of affordable bungalows in Baroda. Buying medium-sized and low-cost villas in Baroda has become a trend, amongst the middle-class people.

Affordable Villas in Baroda

Many established real estate developers avoid the affordable housing segment due to low profit margins. However, new developers are catering to this rising requirement for affordable villas in Baroda. Certainbuilders are achieving decent profits through the use of latest technology and reduced construction time.

Nice, cozy and compact 1BHK and 2BHK villas in Barodawith a small, beautiful garden areavailable at affordable prices;located in residential areas, close to schools, clinics and shops.

Affordable Residential Bungalows in Baroda

Nowadays, affordable residential bungalows in Baroda have become the most preferred residential destinations for the wealthy class. These well-planned homes are aesthetically designed according to fengshui/vastu shastra; situated in the prime and exclusive locality of the city; amidst peaceful locations to relieve from the stress of modern life; surrounded by cool, lush green environment, far from the crowded city and traffic; yet close to schools, hospitals, markets; multiplexes, shopping malls and restaurants; fulfilling all the demands of luxurious living.

Residential properties in Baroda

There has been a real estate boom in Baroda; yet compared to other cities in India, it still offers reasonably priced residential properties. Hence, people prefer to invest in residential properties in Baroda. Eventually, the property prices in Baroda will catch up with rates prevailing in similar cities in the rest of the country, giving investors an attractive return on their investment.

Real Estate Projects in Baroda

Pacifica is a well-established construction company and property developer; with decades of rich experience in real estate development; providing unique real estate projects in Baroda. Their upcoming township project, Madrid County provides all the necessary facilities and basic amenities for maximum comfort. Townships are the best alternatives of luxurious living at affordable prices; and are considered as a hot real estate property for the real estate investors offering optimum returns on investment.

Pacifica companies is a real estate property with the head office in Ahmedabad and company includes Residential Property, Hotels, Office Buildings.SEO services provided by Jigney Bhachech, CEO Opal Infotech, India.

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